Pootling on a Monday

It’s the summer holidays and to give my mother a break, I have my youngest two siblings here, at the Pigeon Nest for a week.

This is what we did today. P was at work, so all piccies are done on my less than perfect point and shoot…please forgive!

A yummy lunch with homemade jam tarts.

Apple squash is delish.

Baking with P’s Mumma.

Foraging at P’s Mumma’s allotment.

Our spoils.

After a full day of baking, digging, play-park playing, getting stuck in traffic and general merriment, a game of Rummikub before baths and bed.


2 responses to “Pootling on a Monday

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  2. Ah… almost perfect. I prefer my Rummy *after* my bath as it sooths me near bedtime. Just kidding – I play rummy on Facebook with Raminoz well past my bedtime every day. No turnpis or other garden spoils whatsoever. you can find me playing there: http://bit.ly/Raminoz

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