Blog Makeover!

As you may have noticed I’m really knuckling down with sorting the blog out. I’ve even designed a new button so that I might be able to advertise on other blogs.
What do you think?

Now if only I can work out how to do links with piccies in my widget space so I could return the favour! Next job!


5 responses to “Blog Makeover!

  1. Hi Pigeon… why are you a pigeon anyway? I think, if I had to be a bird, I’d be an eagle… but maybe I have delusions of grandeur. Or of course there’s albatross. Maybe a sparrow?

    Anyway, you glorious girl, still in the first gay flush of youth, and au fait with things like widgets and crochets and blogging – it’s no good asking me about any of these things. I can barely master the basic technology – I was 37 years old and a mother of 3 when you were born, and that’s not in the first flush of youth… I should be knitting, and writing recipe books by hand, and making marigold cream (none of which I do), not blogging at all. I am a grandmother…

    My son, about whom I have just written as he got married in Switzerland last week, comes down every so often and sorts out my most pressing difficulties, and that of his father.

    I like your blog and the impression of you as an active, doing, lively sort of person. I’m afraid I sit on my perch like the eagle and do nothing but blink for hours on end, but every so often I swoop… Love Anne

  2. The Pigeon nickname was imposed on me at age 16 when I started college. I had a bad habit of claiming food the instant anyone looked like they might be stopping for breath between bites. And I’d eat anything, like a Pigeon pecking at a disguarded dog end. Waste not, want not, I always say. I have learnt to be more restrained. I would have rather been a Magpie…my like of shiny things is great, but I guess you can’t always choose what others see you as!
    Technology isn’t really my forte, I’ve just been lucky enough to grow up in a time when computers have always been in the classroom/workplacee. I am also lucky enough to have landed myself with someone who knows his way around a mouse! Any techincal hitches, and I go running for The Cave (P’s home office) for help!

    Always love hearing you thoughts Anne.


  3. OK, I LOVE this pretty Musings from the Pigeon Nest look. Gorgeous! (And if those are your feet – I assume they are – I love your foottattoos, too.)
    So: very cool makeover. So, so pretty 🙂

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