Sunday Saviours #11

This week I discovered Twitter….and despite my misgivings, I’m actually quite enjoying it! You can follow me by clicking the button in my sidebar or finding me @shinypigeon.

Here are this weeks Sunday Saviours.

Very Cherry

Glamour tweeted about this dress earlier in the week. It might just be perfect for Wedding 4 or 4 1/2!

Born with it

GQ has produced an article about women being able to choose sperm donors on their ‘dress sense’? Opinions? Thoughts? Weird.

Kidson Birds

The glorious Cath Kidson has done it again. I WANT!


The fab LaurenAlice facebooked these to our mutual bestie who is going dress shopping this weekend (with Miss Lauren Alice, our other bestests and myself). I love these dresses. Perfect for several occasions!

How to be a Woman

A little video of Catilin Moran, promoting her book, ‘How to be a Woman’. Made me titter a touch, so it’s going on my to read list.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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