Leopard Print Platform Block Heels – what a mouthful…

I just had to share my newest pair of shoes with you.

FIT right?

They were from New Look, and cost £26 – Bargain or what?! I can’t actually find them online…but they are in stores! Promise!

Look at this print!

I love these so much. These are only the second block heel I’ve ever owned, but I couldn’t say no to the leopard print. (I think I need Leopard Print Anonymous – Hello, I’m ShinyPigeon, and I’m addicted to Leopard Print.)

I also love the fact that they are a short felt-like fabric. Although they seem to collect bits and bobs on the uppers (as you can spot in the piccie above), but nothing that a quick brush doesn’t fix.

I wore these on a night out this week and they were actually not too bad! They began to rub on the peeptoe and the heels after 5/6 hours, but my feet came out the other end of a night full of dancing and walking with one small toe blister and a couple of  (now) painfree rubs.


Ok..ok… no points for me for these. What a splurge. 😦

So…what do you think?


8 responses to “Leopard Print Platform Block Heels – what a mouthful…

  1. Shiny P, I think they’re hot! As a lifetime member of LPA, I very much approve…what addiction?

  2. Love these shoes!!! So great.


    • Thanks Em! Running out of space to store my heels now… Cannot wait to move house next year and have the a ‘shoe wall’ like Shoeperwoman. P has given me the ok!

  3. I like them. I have a very similar pair myself. I like the leopard prints as well. It adds a little spice. They look great!

  4. Thanks! Wore them out again on Saturday as part a goth hen do….the got some serious love from all!

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