National Trust #1 – Bodiam Castle

As I’ve listed on my Pigeon List, becoming a National Trust member and visiting at least 5 NT places a year is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve managed to cross off ‘get a membership’ (P’s Mumma got us a joint membership for his birthday!) and we spent our first day out as NT members, with my younger brothers, at Bodiam Castle, East Sussex.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 as a home and as a defence by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. Set in a working estate, complete with farmland and flour mill, Dalyngrigge set out to create a spectacle to show his power and wealth. He didn’t even get permission from the King to build a castle, he only got permission to upgrade his current mansion to ensure it was defendable against the French. Cheeky or what?

Surrounded by a moat, inhabited by koi, ducks and moorhens, it is one of the most beautiful and romantic castle exteriors in England. Great for taking pictures…which P did…with relish!

I love how these old castles were built. They planned them so well. Check out the fireplaces stacked up the walls.

The boys really enjoyed themselves…despite us trying to leave them behind…

They loved spotting all the ducklings in the moat. They were so cute and fluffy. James stated he wanted one as a pet…not quite grasping the concept that they don’t stay as ducklings…

We also got to play with some bows and arrows, which I REALLY enjoyed and was surprisingly good at, within my first 3 arrows I had claimed a headshot and a neck shot. Just call me Maid Marian!

(Please excuse my elfin ears and goofy face…I was playing the fool most of the day to entertain the kidlets!)


All in all, including petrol and the archery, I think we spent under £20 on this full day out, as I also packed a super yummy lunch. P was a little overwhelmed with the amount of food I brought!

But who could say no to a picnic with this view?

Not me!


3 responses to “National Trust #1 – Bodiam Castle

  1. I love this castle! So beautiful.


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