Sunday Saviours #12

Another mental weekend our end means that Sunday Saviours are up late AGAIN…this is becoming a bad habit. 😦

The weekend was worth it. A hen weekend that involved us swinging from Tarzan high wires surrounded by foliage at Go Ape, dressing up in our finest goth outfits for Japanese cuisine at Wabi and then a full on spa day. Reviews of Wabi and our Spa will be posted up this week! Lots to tell!

George-ous Dress

See what I did there?

This frock is gorgeous, and perfect to whack in the trolley when you go get your eggs and milk.


Although sounding a little bit like something I would call my siblings, Katie at Skunkboy Creatures makes the most amazing thingummies. Check her out!

Casabella Project

I got lost in this today.


After my Spa Mani/Pedi this weekend, I was overjoyed to spot that my wonderful bestest has posted up some handy hints for you to DIY! AMAZING!

Monkey Around

As someone not keen on falling to her death from a great height, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Go Ape this weekend. Great for birthdays, hen do’s, and general monkeying about.

Have a great week!


8 responses to “Sunday Saviours #12

  1. Thanks for the link missy! – George have a beautiful yellow dress that was in Grazia this week. Would look faaar yummier on you than me. BUY IT!

  2. That dress would look nice for casual days and romantic nights with a hot date! 😉

    The Cat Hag
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  3. Guess what?! My sister came into work this morning wearing the dress!!! It looks much lovelier in real life than in the pic!

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