Would you ever use an online dating service?

I did.

And I’ll admit I never really took it seriously. Not until I met P.

Yep, you read that right. P and I met on an online dating website.

True story.

I lived in London. With no time or inclination to go to bars and meet boys.

He lived in West Sussex. Also with no time or inclination to meet boys…thank goodness.

His pictures looked cute (some of them looked rather yummy in fact) and he mentioned in his bio that ‘the most embarrassing thing he was willing to share’ was that he owned a Steps album.

I swiftly emailed – ‘shakes head in disbelief’. I had no idea that those 4 words, written in the 3rd person, would get us to where we are today.

We to’ed and fro’ed, sending emails, moving onto Instant Messaging and finally after about 4 months, we swapped Facebook information. (Due to previous stalker events, I had and still have mine set to unsearchable from the search bar.)

After seeing that I was a real person, and vice versa, we decided to go on a VERY public date to the London National History Museum. Just in case, one of us was an axe-weilding circus freak and we’d managed to create a whole other Facebook existence.

I managed to hold back the crazy enough for him to ask me out again, and again, and again, until he was too invested to leave.

And we’ve been together ever since. Mental about each other, living together after 9 months of being a couple, still strong after  nearly 3 years together and now engaged to be married.

Unfortunately, we are one of those sickening love stories that you don’t tend to share as people throw up in their handbags.

And it all stemmed from 4 words. Shakes head in disbelief.


14 responses to “Would you ever use an online dating service?

  1. So cute! IC and I met on line too – but I hardly ever talk about it anymore and our families think we met at uni (which should’ve been the case as we had classes in the same buildings).

    I loved reading your story. You guys are super cute together!

    • Bless your socks! Thank you!

      My Dad and Stepmum only found out recently. I thought keeping it on the downlow from my dear Papa was probably wise until we got serious….and then I forgot to update him! My Stepmum found out here!
      Most of our friends where very unsure about online dating, maybe thinking it was only for strange types, but I think seeing us together now makes them think a little differently. Hopefully! 😉
      I’m glad the net managed to bring you two together – perhaps you passed in corridors without even noticing! 🙂

  2. Another online couple here, and we don’t talk about it either haha!

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  4. Aw this is so cute. I love your blog by the way. I think love stories are awesome and don’t get told enough. Look at Rob and I – a chance meeing at a Jive lesson, and married 4 year later! Go soppy love stories I say!

    • Thank you my lovely! People are surprised how ‘normal’ (I use airquotes here QUITE liberally) we are for a couple who met online.
      Your love story is fab, and I’m so glad we were there to share your day! We’ll be over soon for a visit. (House deposit saving has begun…dread dread dread…so money is a little tight!) xxx

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  6. Sweet! I met Mr M online too. We bonded over a mutual love of alphabetisation (all CDs, DVDs…. books until I bought too many, now they are crammed in whereever I can find space!).

    I did have some mockery when I confessed to my flatmate as to how we met… but just last year she married somebody she met online too!

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  8. Awww I only found this story and I love it!! Especially the mad axe murderer/hiding the crazy part (I’ve totally been there…). Although, I think you technically owe your relationship to Steps. Do you reckon they’d play at your wedding? :p xxxx

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