Selsdon Park Spa times

I spent the majority of my Sunday in the rambling grounds of the Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club. (Posh eh?)

It was the hen do for wedding 4 & 4 1/2, which shall be now known as ‘The Devon Wedding’ and ‘The Devon Wedding – Pt 2’, and we Hens spent our Sunday lapping up relaxation in bikini’s and dressing gowns. It’s a hard life.

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Selsdon Park was originally a private home, and had passed through several owners until 1924, when Allan Doble Sanderson bought the house and the accompanying 200 acres (0.81 km2) of land for £13,000. Some of the 200 acres became the hotel’s large golf course in 1929, and some has stayed as a woodland nature reserve.

In 1924, the Victorian home was converted into a 24-bedroom hotel which opened for business in 1925. From 1927 to 2000, many additions have been made to this vast building. An East Wing, a West Wing (I did search for the president to no avail..), a Cambridge Wing and a leisure complex have sprung up since its conversion from country home to country retreat.

The grounds are beautiful,  so there is no wonder why there were two weddings happening whilst we were there. It is the perfect place for pictures, pimms and promenades.

In 1997, the Sanderson family sold the hotel to the chain, Principal Hayley, who also brought a full-blown spa on board offering massages, facials, mani/pedis, bridal make-up and hair removal.

The devon bride-to-be had signed us all up for treatments before arrival, managing to bag a deal where we paid £65, which included a 2 course lunch and access to all the facilities all day. I had asked for a mani/pedi, which according to the brochure would have cost me £42 alone! What a bargain.

We arrived at 10 am, undressed and began relaxing. Which personally I found really hard…I’m so used to thinking ‘ooo..I’ll get on with that… or I’ll start making this.’Having nothing to do but chat and while away the hours in the jacuzzi was really lovely for a change.

The jacuzzi, steam room and sauna were all amazing, very clean and very empty. We had the run of the place for ourselves for the majority of the day, which we loved. Apparently Sunday is the best day for a spa day…who knew?!

I had my treatment scheduled for before lunch, but as I headed to the treatment rooms with the lovely Nina, she suggested I only have my pedi before lunch, else I might ruin my fingernails eating… what an absolute gem! She even shifted around her afternoon appointments to fit me in after I’d stuffed my face.

Thanks to Nina, and her Jessica nail products (which I am now ordering after payday!), my amazing mani-pedi is still going strong today, with very few signs of wear and tear. Honestly – this is a record! I’m normally wiping it all off after 2 days due to major chippage. I haven’t even been super careful or anything. Well impressed.

Our lunch was very tasty and very plentiful, the only drawback being that we waited 30 minutes for our puddings. Not long you may think, but we only ordered ice cream and Bakewell tart, and we were sat in our dressing gowns, in a bar that was gaining rowdy men watching the sunday footie.

Not Relaxing At All.

I actually shot off before the puddings got to the table (thankfully I’d had a starter instead of a pudding) so Nina could finish my nails!

The afternoon was spent getting my manicure, listening to Wuthering Heights via audio book whilst laying on a lounger, and sweating out all my impurities in the steam room. We finally managed to pull ourselves back into our clothes around 6pm and began the surprisingly quick journey home.

A perfect day….until P got home after driving back from North Wales from the Stag do, with a broken clutch and holding bags of washing…not all of it his own.

On a completely separate note….I must suddenly flood about audio books. I love them. They are perfect invention for me. I love being able to cook, knit, sew, make cards and cakes, and ‘read’ a book at the same time. I also love driving to a book. If you’ve never experienced cleaning your kitchen to Jane Eyre,  you need to raid your local audio library! FACT


Ok – so a trip to the Spa isn’t really pinching the pennies, but for £65, I got £42 pounds worth of treatment, a 2 course lunch (which was massive and more than enough) and over 7 hours using the facilities. I also got some great nail tips from our beauty therapist Nina. I also got dropped home by a friend so I saved some pennies on train fare. F.A.B


6 responses to “Selsdon Park Spa times

  1. Glad you had a good day! I managed to feed fish in record time, have a nap, and then run 8 miles, though in hindsight prob wasn’t the best idea but had no clue that they were rioting in my area. Managed to avoid any looting behaviour and was safe and sound.

    Simon came home after midnight, but he’d had a good time on the Stag Do.

    It was such a fun Hen Party!! Can’t wait for us to all meet up again for the wedding party!!

    • Glad you were safe and managed to have a nap! Lucky break! 🙂

      P had managed to get home about 11.30, but was livid about his clutch going and having to drive back in 3rd gear the whole way. (Had it replaced…£700+…oh dear)

      Was great to hear about the boys time away too, getting to match up partners!

      Doing a bit on Wabi soon, including some of your lush piccies on the Dr’s camera!
      Can’t wait to see you at the party – meet you on the dancefloor! x

  2. Well done on the history lesson. Its not an old school or hospital then! I’ll go and wade through some of the 400+ pics now!

  3. Oooh, I stayed here once for a friends birthday, very nice, although we didn’t access the facilities for some reason. Looks like you had an amazing time. I also love audio books, perfect for long journeys.

    • It was grand. The hotel looked amazing… a perfect place to explore.
      Have now finished Wuthering Heights read by Juliet Stevenson…recommend! Am currently halfway through Jane Eyre read by JS also.

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