Enter the Lady Dragons…

Ever since I have been following (some may say stalking) Shoeperwoman on Bloglovin’ and Twitter, I have become a little obsessed with owning a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragons. These shoes are even on my Pigeon List…my version of a ‘before I kick the bucket’ list.

Thankfully, my wonderful shoe hawk (Miss Lauren) had been keeping her eyes peeled on our very favourite ‘invite only’ shopping site Cocosa, which sells designer gear at discount prices. The Lady Dragons came into Cocosa HQ 2 weeks ago and were posted up very sharpish earlier in this week.

This is the first time I’d ever ordered something from Cocosa, even the discount prices were a touch too high for my thrifty purse. But the Lady Dragons were different…they were special…

I think I’m pretty damn lucky to have got in there at all, with sales starting at 12 noon. I was sure by the time I got home at 3, there would be nothing left but dust.
How wrong I was.

They arrived yesterday.

In their perfect Cocosa gift bag, and gorgeous blue shoe box, they sat nestled in the tissue paper, smelling to high heaven like trolls and bubblegum. And I don’t mean the under the bridge kind of troll…I mean the cool ‘had them when you were a kid’, sporting pink and lime green hair trolls. UH-MAZ-ING.

I can’t stop staring at my feet.


Ok…not really any big ‘saving money’ points for me. Lady Dragons retail at £120 a pair. Thanks to Cocosa, I got my Lady Dragons for £80 with postage. Not too shabby.

If you’d like to join Cocosa…..here’s an invite! It is great for those special purchases! (There is no sign up fee or obligation to buy or anything! FAB)

Ok…..I honestly can’t stop sniffing them…..I think I have issues…


14 responses to “Enter the Lady Dragons…

  1. I buy stuff from Cocosa just to get their pretty packaging… I have issues!

  2. How long can you wear them before your eyes start watering? You know what Germain Greer would call them – but they are very pretty. Have fun wearing them, AA

  3. I am not really a lover of shoes (I don’t have a big collection or anything), but there are few things more satisfying then getting a pair of shoes that you’ve been lusting after!

  4. Nice, of course . . . but I think you need to check out this place!
    You can feed your shoes & clothes obsession ‘guilt free’!! xx

  5. Over all I like the shoes. For my style I am not a fan of the hearts. Again, I do like them, I just could not wear them… Very cool though. 🙂

    • They do them with skulls on, but they aren’t lifted up from the shoe, and I do like the cherry versions as well.
      They are a lot lower than I normally buy, but hopefully that means I’ll be able to walk in them for much longer! 🙂

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