Goths descend on Wabi…

If you are ever hungry in Horsham, West Sussex, and find yourself a little flush with cash, I must advise you to frequent Wabi, on East Street.

They let us in without a flicker of an eyelid!

As you can see the Devon Wedding hen do was slightly different. Saturday was dinner at Wabi, with the theme of goth!

Our bride was a corpse bride and we were her corsetted cronies.

We entered to many a stare and open mouth from other customers, but as soon as we stated to staff that we had booked the private room, we were ushered upstairs smoothly and asked to remove our shoes at a curtained doorway.

(See Mrs Moore at the back of the above piccie with the very strappy shoes? The strappy shoes that she had just spent 25 minutes strapping on…let’s just say she wasn’t thrilled to hear this news.)

Decorated in gorgeous golds and browns, in the centre of the room was a table, its legs vanishing low into a well in the floor. We padded around in our stockinged feet, slipped ourselves down onto the edge of the floor well and sat at the table, our legs dangling beneath. I was glad it didn’t mean we had to kneel all night!

We had a very knowledgable waitress, who although on the low volume side, managed to take all our orders and give us the information of each dish as it arrived to us.

I loved the fact that all the food came bit by bit, and not all at once like it would in a Western restaurant. It meant we could be nosey at what everyone else was having, and eat things at the temperature they were served at. We actually ate for about 3 hours, stopping in between to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at everyone elses dishes, chat about our overly active day, find out more about each other and build foundations to new friendships.

In fact, I feel we ordered far too much. Despite most of us sharing a Lite Platter (£29) and a few sides (varying in price from £4.80 to £12.95), we all were very excited about the prospect of jammies and duvets after dinner, and less so about going out dancing and drinking.

We received great service (only one small mix-up with dishes served to wrong people – I maybe might have then took a big bite without noticing…before the bride-to-be gave a big Oi!) and great food.

We peeled ourselves out of our secret hideyhole after midnight, smiling goodnight to all the staff as we departed and headed back to our gothic mansion.


Wabi is not for the thrifty. Although, if you share a lite platter and only get one more side dish, you will save quite a bit on the menu price and be quite full….but then again we did pad ourselves out with cocktails! And we were cinched in with corsets!


6 responses to “Goths descend on Wabi…

  1. You all look great. You could write whole essays on the meaning of wabi sabi but suffice it to say, ‘gothic’ isn’t! Looks like a fun evening, AA

    • It was great…getting ready all of us in the same house was also highly amusing. The Bride to be loved it – she hadn’t had that many ladies getting ready in her house for a long old while!

  2. You look fabulous in black lipstick! (This is a serious fashion coup, so be proud of yourself 🙂 What a wonderful night and what beautiful food to eat. Blessings to the corpse bride and I agree with the Anne above: goth at a wabi sabi joint must be a first!

  3. Love the post!! I think my comment when the waiter said we had to take our shoes off was “You HAVE got to be KIDDING!” lol! Was such a fun night! 🙂

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