Midweek Munchies: Potato & Cham Frittata

If it has got cheese in it, you can bet your last quid that it won’t last long in our house. We are cheese fiends.

Which is why we loved this Potato & Cham Frittata, that I cooked last week.

(Cham = Cheese and Ham!)

Apologies for shoddy picture – P wolfed his down before he could even think about his camera…so they are done with my shocking point & click.


  • A good old glug of oil
  • 4/6 leftover cooked potatoes, sliced.
  • 4 eggs, beaten.
  • Loads of cheese
  • 4 spring onions, sliced and diced.
  • A good few slices of ham, hacked to bits.


  1. Heat your oil in a non-stick frying pan.
  2. Add your potatoes and fry until beginning to crisp (about 8 minutes)
  3. In a bowl , mix your eggs & your spring onions together.
  4. Whack on the grill.
  5. Tip your eggy onions into the fry pan, mix quickly and then turn the heat down.
  6. Scatter your cheese on top.
  7. After about 8 minutes, once the top side has almost set, pop the pan under the grill for 2-3 minutes until fully firm.
  8. Slide out of the pan and devour!

This was great with some ketchup to dunk! x


5 responses to “Midweek Munchies: Potato & Cham Frittata

  1. Holy delicious! I think I might be ready to upgrade from my usual bagel and coffee!

  2. Cheese and I have a special relationship. I can’t wait to make this…

  3. Oh my this looks amazing! I am printing it off for my boyfriend. He is the cook in this relationship, I can only “ping”. Cheese is my friend and my enemy. It tastes so good yet makes me so fat! Can you believe I cut out cheese for 4 months and lost 3 stone!?!? It is my downfall!

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