5 things I’m Thankful for – A Blog Project!

Yes it’s Friday…Yes, you wish the end of the day would hurry up and get here so your weekend can kick off and yes, I’m starting my very first 5 day project here on Musings from the Pigeon’s Nest.

‘5 things I’m thankful for…’

We all do it. We have moments of ungratefulness, wishing you had more of this, less of that or something completely different – it’s a human trait.

I often find myself whingeing and moaning, when there is really no need for it. I have a lot to be thankful for, and sometimes I need a good old boot up the backside to remember how lucky I am. After watching the mindless destruction and subsequent fear that happened during the riots in London and elsewhere in the UK, and being someone who reaches out and works with volatile young people at their lowest ebb, I know that there is always at least one thing positive in our lives – even if it is just the fact that you have the strength to battle on and keep surviving.

Over the next 5 working days, I am going to share with you, my lovely readers, my top 5 things that I am truly grateful to have or have had in my life, to hopefully brighten up your day and help get you thinking what makes your lives positive.

Feel free link a blog post (You could even use the image at the top of the page if you wish in your post – It’s a P piccie), as well as commenting on the posts with your top 5 things that you are thankful for.

I’d love to hear from you!


2 responses to “5 things I’m Thankful for – A Blog Project!

  1. 1. Life . . . without it, the rest is useless.
    2. Your dad . . . and that by some miracle . . . he stays with me!
    3. My mum . . . she gave me life in the first place . . . and always her unconditional love.
    4. Laughter . . . there is so much misery in the world . . . it keeps me grounded.
    5. . . . you!


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