5 Things I’m Thankful For – Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week guys….2 more sleeps till the weekend! (Friday totally counts as the weekend right?)

I am Thankful for Tea & Cake.

Ok, this may seem rather fluffy and not important, but whoever invented tea & cake needs a handshake and a hefty pat on the back. (No Dad, I’m sure it wasn’t Mrs Beeton…)

I have a small love affair with tea & cake. I’m not picky, any kind of tea & cake will do, but tea & cake share and have shared all my highs and my lows.

(I must warn you, the Earl Grey and I have a full blown relationship…just don’t tell his Lady.)

Here are the reasons why tea & cake make my list of things I am thankful for.

Nothing in the whole world gives me more satifaction that stuffing my face with a cake that I have made and decorated. That satisfaction makes me happy. I am thankful for everything that makes me happy.

NOTE: I also get great satisfaction from stuffing cake in my face that I HAVEN’T made or decorated.

Cake also makes other people happy. FACT. (I’m ignoring you dieters…because we both know that all you really want is cake. FACT.)

Cake is one of the first words I learnt in sign language. And there is universal sign language for (talks really quietly but opens mouth widely – as if talking through a window, whilst making a T shape with hands…) ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’

Tea is calming, it is constant, it was here before me and it shall be here after. Tea smells the same wherever you drink it, making you instantly at home as long as you have a mug in your hand.

Tea has brought me back from the brink, and cake has patched up many a void.

Ok….this may seem a very silly thing to be thankful for to some people. I get that. But the whole idea is not to just be thankful for the big things, but for the little things that even for 10 minutes or so, make the world slightly more bearable, and recharge you enough to barrel on head-first with life.

Tea & Cake are an ice breaker, a pleasure, an addiction, an indulgence, a naughty treat, a neccessity, a pause, instrumental for a good catch-up, and whoever thought that brewing tea leaves and mixing butter, eggs, sugar and flour together was a good idea….thank you.


2 responses to “5 Things I’m Thankful For – Wednesday

  1. Totally agree Shiny P! Am really enjoying your blog – keep it up!

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