5 Things I’m Thankful For – Friday

Well, lovely readers, it is Friday! It’s only the start on the bloomin’ weekend! How fabulous. For me, my holiday was meant to end today and we were meant start the journey home, but we left late last night and got home at 2.30 this morning! I’m still on holiday mode till Tuesday, but next week expect lots of piccies and tales from Wales.

It’s also the last day of my 5 day project, I hope you’ve been enjoying it! I know that I have really enjoyed sharing all the things that make me thankful, even if it did mean shedding the odd tear whilst writing Mondays post about my fab grandparents.

Last, and no means least…..

I am Thankful for P.

You didn’t think I was going to miss him out did you? 🙂

For those who don’t know how we met, see here.

I feel very lucky to have P in my life. I know every girlfriend says that about their other half, but when I think about what a chance we took on each other, and how slim the chances where, I’m so gobsmacked by it all.

P has the patience of a saint. He is always being asked to do this, do that and the other. I’m naturally bossy, and he deals with it well and very rarely bites back.

I once (apparently it is now legendary in our friend circle) tore him down in a fit of rage at a party in front of all his friends for launching a massive hunk of ice across our newly moved into living room. Let me just also add, this party was for his birthday….

He let me rant and scream, let me storm about for a few minutes and then gave me the look of  ‘are you done now?’  Much to the surprise of our friends, within 2 minutes, the party was in full swing again, us holding hands in a corner. P understood that I just need to get the anger out, else I’d store it up and it festers. And the festering of anything is not good.

The thing that most attracted me to P, was his sense of humour. Yes, I know it’s a cliche that women are looking for a man to make tham laugh, but I was.

P makes me laugh more than any person I’ve ever known. If he’s not making a funny face, he’s doing a stupid dance, or cooing over rabbits.  He is as happy as I am to make a fool of himself, especially if that includes fancy dress. He once used my mascara to darken his facial hair and make himself a panto villian mustache and goatee, for no reason except that he knew I would probably wet myself with laughter. He has me clutching my sides daily. He makes me a happier person.

P saves me from things. As I am sat here typing away, he has just answered my rather embarrassing girlie squeal, as a wasp has just flown in and thought my face was a good place to settle. Without even a flicker of mick-taking, he swooped in to save the day, without even denting my pride. What a gent.

And he actually is just that. A gent. His friends may laugh and scoff at this, but he treats me like the lady I wish I was, using the lessons his grandfather taught him. Walking on the traffic side of the pavement to keep me safe, opening doors to let me go first, carrying the heavy shopping, opening jars without joking about my feeble girl arms and always kissing me straight away when he gets in from work. In fact, he has made me more of a lady since we’ve been together, because I know I don’t have to do everything myself. I can rely on him and his support.

I feel I need to stop now before you all start gagging and throwing up into your wastepaper bins... I know I get a bit carried away when it comes to him indoors.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday



2 responses to “5 Things I’m Thankful For – Friday

  1. The Star Wars picture of you and P is terrific. (Note to self: must take Star Wars-themed family picture for this year’s Christmas cards.) And I loved your sweet words about him – he sounds wonderful and I’m happy you’re happy with him.

  2. 🙂 It was a friend’s brithday party – imagine us on the tube dressed like this! 🙂
    He is a great man…he puts up with me…he’s a saint!

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