Sunday Saviours #15

I’m still officially on my hols (despite getting back to the Nest at 2am Friday morning, still covered in welsh mud), but I couldn’t forget to leave you some Sunday Saviours!  I’m also handing the reins to a very good friend of mine tomorrow, for her (and Musings from the Pigeon’s Nest’s)  very first guest blog post!

A Pair and a Spare

Got a hankering for DIY clothing?…I know I do… this lady’s How To’s are brilliant.

How old is too young?

Very interesting post about young models. Made me think….what do you think?

Fat Friday

The gorgeous Danni from ellieand, has created something so yummy, I may just pass out with excitement before I actually get to bake this!

Absolutely Threadless

This site does amazing tees (and as you know I love Snorg Tees and use them as my work uniform) and they ship to the UK! Come on PAYDAY!


As those who know P & I personally know, he loves rabbits. Actually, seriously loves them. I think they are quite cute, but I’ve also had many a rabbit…in a pie. This may not end well…perhaps this would be a better idea?


2 responses to “Sunday Saviours #15

  1. I do find it a little bit disturbing that a ten year old girl is modelling in such an adult way. I think if such young girls are modelling, it should reflect their age and not doll them up to look 18. I’m sure they can handle the buzz of it all with supportive families, but making up kids to look sexy and alluring is a little bit freaky I think!

    • I have to totally agree. For me it’s what the pictures are saying. She doesn’t look like a ten year old, she is dressed in grown woman’s attire, lounging in a leopard print bed with 5 inch heels on. She is meant to look sexy, this is a modelling set-up that they would use for a adult model, which is highly worrying. Anyone else think jalibait has gone a bit too far?

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