Guest Post: Miss Lauren from My Life, The Universe and My Shoes.

Hello lovely readers! I’m still in holiday mode so I thought I’d treat you to a guest post by one of my fabulous ‘real-life’ besties, Miss Lauren. She is my ‘how to look pretty’ guru and she blogs over at ‘My Life, the Universe & My Shoes‘.

Isn’t she flippin’ gorgeous?!

Well Happy Monday to all of ShinyPigeons readers. Today’s post comes from somewhere a little outside of the Pigeon’s Nest. My name is Lauren, I’m a very very old friend of ShinyPigeon. That is, to say, we’ve known each other for a long time, I am not ancient! In fact Miss SP and I go back 8 terribly fantastic years (a ratio of approximately 4 terrible and 4 fantastic… Don’t tell me off for that Pigeonface!)

Apparently 8 years is long enough for Miss SP to entrust me with her beautiful blog whilst she is away on her Hollybobs with P and the family. I’m sure an epic blog post will follow! This is my first time guest blogging, in fact I’ve barely been blogging a few months myself. So be kind!

Today I have something that I feel is a joint representation of Miss SP and myself. It’s a “how to” combining achieving the latest designer fashion-y looks (Me) with a thrifty, do-it-yourself guide (Miss SP).

So here goes… (Apologies for my rather shoddy photography. ShinyP has P and his fancy camera, I have a phone I can barely use!)

For those of you who’ve read my blog over at, you’ll know I’m more than a little obsessed with nail varnish.

This is what we’re trying to achieve…

It’s a fabulously 80’s inspired manicure that can be adapted to match virtually any outfit.

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • A pale basecoat – I used a tip whitener which I thinned with a little nail varnish remover
  • A bright sparkly colour – I used OPI’s Rising Star which is a fabulous gold colour.
  • French manicure guides – I saw them for roughly £2 in Superdrug but can be bought on eBay for as little as 99p.
  • A clear glossy topcoat


Paint nails white. I did two coats.


Wait for the base coat to dry. Don’t be tempted to cheat, they need to be bone dry or the base will peel off with the guides. I left these for an hour (approximately 1 glass of wine and a g&t!)


Pop your nail guides on. This looks best if you put them in all sorts of higgledy piggledy angles.


Paint your glittery colour on the tips – I went for two coats. Then immediately peel the guides off. If you wait for it to dry it will peel the gold off.


Finish with a good topcoat and VOILÁ!

Well that’s me done for today. A big thanks to Miss SP for allowing me to ramble for the day. And another thanks to my Mumma P (of knitted chair socks fame) for lending me her talons for the evening. She used to be an actual pro manicure lady so it was quite daunting.

Hope you had a lovely hollybobs ShinyP and I can’t wait to see the pics over tequila and dancing!



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