Mucking about in North Wales


I’m baaaaack! And I feel like I’ve brought half of the mud and bugs back from Wales with me. I’ve finally got all the washing put away and am ready to start posting again!

The family and I spent a week just outside of Pwllheli, and surprisingly we actually had some hours of sunshine! A shocker for the Pigeon family when we go on holiday, you must understand.

We filled our days full of castles, eating, mucking about up mountains, trogging around in mine shafts, playing Rummikub, beach walks (admittedly in woolly hats and wellies) and general tomfoolery.

I did attempt some ‘What I Wore’ photos….they’ll be up in all their slightly soggy glory on Thursday…..but the weather forced me into a delightful bright pink windbreaker for the majority of the week! Not only did it stop the weather, but it also stopped P and the family from losing me. Bonus.

Warning: – This post is pretty photo heavy…P took about 9,000 on holiday…I’ve got this post down to just over 25….sorry!


4 responses to “Mucking about in North Wales

  1. Love the photos. Caernarfon castle? I went there when I was like 8. Wales is beautiful isn’t it? I’m so glad I live here sometimes. Other times it can be very boring 😛

  2. Do it! :D. Can be a little quiet mind you. I’ll be moving back to Bristol as soon as I can – I just finished uni there and I miss it terribly.

    • It would be hell of a commute for work (we’re in the South East!) and I love my job too much to leave! 🙂 I felt that way about Bournemouth, where I did my studying, but now everyone else has scattered I’d feel all lonely!

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