Midweek Munchies: Bara Brith

After my week in Wales, I felt the need to cook some Welsh Tea Cake, also known as Bara Brith. This is perfect with a cuppa, slathered in butter. The cake…don’t ruin a good cup of tea this way…

This recipe takes some time…some overnight time….so be prepared!

Bara Brith


  • 80z Sugar
  • 12oz Dried Fruit
  • 1/2 pint of Tea (I find English Breakfast works best…but PG Tips would work just as well!)
  • 10oz Flour
  • 1 Egg


  1. Brew up 1/2 a pint of tea. Let it cool.
  2. Pour the tea into a bowl, add the sugar and dried fruit, stir and leave stood (covered) overnight.
  3. The next day, set your oven to 170ยบc (or Gas Mark 3 if you are that way inclined) and allow to preheat. Grease, and line a loaf tin. (I use my silicone one…BAM!)
  4. Mix your tea/fruit mix (the fruit should have sucked up most of the tea, making it all plump and squishy) with the flour and egg.
  5. Pour into your loaf tin and then bake for 1 1/2 hours.
  6. Always check your cakes by skewering them (I use a fondue pick – Classy eh?) and ensuring the skewer comes out of the cake clean.

I’m about to go shove some more of this in my face! YUMMY!


6 responses to “Midweek Munchies: Bara Brith

  1. That C.S. Lewis quote is so good – funnily enough one of my friends just posted it on facebook! Good to see another thrifty person! In which case, perhaps you’d like my blog! I’m Welsh! I adore bara brith – it looks delicious, although it could probably use slightly darker sugar – light muscovado – to get the really authentic welsh bara brith look. I’m not being particularly critical, take it with a pinch of sugar, I’m sure it tastes really delicious! I love the blog and shall be subscribing.

    • Hi there FF! Thanks for stopping by! I love C.S Lewis, and that quote sums me up to a tee (or should that be tea?). Just hcecked out your blog and I may have died looking at the chocolate cheesecake muffins!
      ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the sugar tip!
      In true frugal style, I used whatever had in the cupboard…which actually was white sugar…BAD PIGEON. I will make again with a dark sugar, I’m sure him indoors won’t mind eating another loaf!

  2. If I had the confidence to cook, I’d have a go, as it is, I’ll just be heading off to St Fagans asap and grabbing me some freshly made Bara Brith instead – lazy I know, but my strengths rest in enjoying Bara Brith rather than making it!

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