The Glassblobbery Studio & Gallery

I champion all creators of beautiful things, but none more so than those making a living out their crafts.

Whilst on the family holiday (yep…I’m still rolling out posts on North Wales!), we visited the beautiful Glassblobbery in Glan-yr-afon, and met one of the amazing artisans, David, who produces some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

We were received with a hearty warm welcome, and told in ‘two ticks’ he’d give us a demonstration of his craft.

Within seconds of him beginning we were transfixed!He explained everything he was doing as he did it, and within 5 minutes we were looking at a beautiful camel, that he had poured out of his imagination and into the glass.Unfortunately this little guy wasn’t for sale, he was a commission!

The Glassblobbery also has an upstairs studio where it sells lots of other local artisans work. There were some Welsh Slate wine racks in the shop that I fell in love with….that I may just have to have in my life. Thankfully, they have an online shop on their website! So that still may occurr….despite my purse screaming no.

David had us in awe, and seeing the care and craftmanship that went into his designs and creations, we just had to buy a thing or five….

We also bought a gorgeous ceramic lizard for Mama Pigeon as it was her birthday whilst we were away, and a secret pressie for P’s Mumma to give her on her birthday in late September. It is gorgeous and I will post it up as soon as we’ve given it to her!

So, if you are ever in North Wales, I highly recommend popping in to The Glassblobbery. You’ll get to see some really cool stuff , and try your hardest to resist reaching for your wallet! I dare you!

The Glassblobbery also has a blog –



4 responses to “The Glassblobbery Studio & Gallery

  1. Great photos. Glad you enjoyed the visit.

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