What I Wore – Trogging around the Castle

Hello you lot! Another WIW post from the rainy and cold Welsh Country.

We trogged around Castle Caernarfon on a miserable Tuesday. We had a great day exploring not only the old ruins, but also the beautiful town. Well worth a visit if you can! Apologies for looking like a troll in these piccies…I was on holiday after all.

See! I was at a castle! I don’t fib.

I love my leopard print primark pumps, but they are truly starting to fall apart. Booo…should have bought 2 pairs. I think I’ll have to trawl eBay for some replacement pairs.

I also love that this dress is longer at the back than at the front – mini train!

I get a lot of comments about this belt whenever I wear it, mostly from 45 year old men. It’s my Dad’s scout belt and I managed to nab it before my brother did! SCORE on family inherited vintage!

This was the perfect touristy outfit for me – a big scarf and leggings are always going in my holiday bag!

What is your must pack tourist outfit?


5 responses to “What I Wore – Trogging around the Castle

  1. haha well done for nabbing that scout belt, it looks awesome! JS xx

  2. cute!!! jealous of your castle trip, but glad to hear we aren’t the only ones in the cold weather–and early for us too!

    my favorite travel gear: a scarf FOR sure, a good hoodie, yoga pants and the perfect pair of heels!

    • Tell me about it! Has totally chucked it down here today…Summer is over. FACT. 🙂

      I think a big scarf and yoga pants have to be on everyone’s list – comfy is the way forward!

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