The Devon Wedding (Part 1 – On Dartmoor)

As re-visiting readers will know, I’ve been to a few weddings this year… (see here, here and even here)

But this is the last (we think!) of 2011 and it did not disappoint.

Matt and Elly, the now married Mr & Dr Short, decided to do something a little bit out of some peoples confort zones. They eloped to Dartmoor….with 10 friends. Yep…you read that right…no family at all.

P and I were two of those 10 (and a half -can’t forget baby Bethany!) lucky friends.  I was given charge of Elly’s hair for her big day and P, of course, was the wedding photographer. As you can see by the beautiful pictures below, I’m going to start hiring him out! 😀

We all shacked up (bar the 2 month old and her parents) in a large 4 bed cottage on Walden Farm, just outside of North Tawton, which came with it’s own pool table and plenty of fruit trees for picking at. (I may have brought home 2 carrier bags FULL of fruit for jam-making ready for Christmas).  The fact that there were so few of us made the whole experience so stress-free and relaxed. Absolute Perfection.


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