Birds of a Feather

Due to the bloomin’ house saving, I am not really allowed to buy anything frivolous. And seeing as I earn much less than P, frivolous also counts clothes, which makes me very sad and several S/S & A/W seasons behind.

Since I was last on the purchasing scene, amazing things have happened. Birds are everywhere. The wish list is as long as my arm, and even if I can’t shop……..I can hunt down on eBay in years to come, right?

Image and shop here

River Island Pink Pretty Bird Scarf – £13.00

I love the 50’s Americana feel to this, the polka dots are really Grease aren’t they? The colour of the birds really pop against it. I’d wear this with a tight white vest, skinny black jeans and pumps. YUM.

Image and shop here

Bird Necklace by Lavender Rooms – £20

I know there are a lot of bird necklaces about, but none that look so cute and like my favourite avian, the Pigeon. And the folks that sell these are just down the road in East Sussex. Love a bit of local trading!

Image and shop here

White Bird Print Tee by Tee & Cake (Sold @ Topshop) – £20

I think this is great. If you zoom in you can see little speech bubbles saying ‘blah’ which makes me giggle. I think the drawings are brilliant! I really like the other tees in their range at Topshop too, especially the Marylin Monroe quote. Tuck this badboy into a pencil skirt/high waisted trousers and off you trot!

Images and Blog here

Mallard & Swan Shoes by Kobi Levi ~ £??

Is it just me or are these just utterly fabulous? I’ve scoured Kobi Levi’s blog, but I just can’t see these for sale or a mention of a price. I WANT!

Image and shop here

John Lewis Bird Print Dress ~ £69

I could just imagine wearing this to one of the weddings we STILL have coming up. I love the shape and the tropical feel to the birds that adorn this frock! I think it would look a bit odd on my pasty skin, but for those of you with a tan, crack on!

Image and shop here

Blue Tit Earrings by Laylaamber (Sold @ Etsy) ~ £4.00

The lovely Layla Amber makes these herself in Suffolk, UK. She draws the birds herself, scans ’em in, prints ’em out onto shrinkable plastic and then makes these gorgeous studs. I’ve already added these to my birthday list. CUTE!

Image and shop here

Sleeveless Bird Shell Top from New Look ~ £19.99

I adore the fabric of this top. If I could just have a few rolls I would make bedding out of it. Or curtains. Or cushion covers. Or a maxi dress…. or all of the above. The colour with the black and white bird sketches is just perfection.


2 responses to “Birds of a Feather

  1. I think this blog is brilliant. Although I’m sure it’s not meant to be, it’s like an adult way of subtly writing your Christmas list to Santa, with links of where people can purchase for you – genius! Although Rob still wouldn’t get the hints….

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