Gorgeous October Sponsors

This is my first month of offering sponsorship on the blog. If you missed out this month, check out my Sponsor Page!

A Cup of Subtle Tea

Hannah is an absolute doll. If you haven’t read her blog yet, you really should. She is honest, friendly, funny and really down-to-earth. We started speaking earlier this year when we realised our shared ‘moving for love’ link. Granted, Hannah has moved further than me, but hey, the US is much bigger!

Her blog is a mish-mash of wonderful things, baking, crafting, fashion, recipes, lustings, funnies, piccies and general life. She is truly lovely…pop over  to her blog or follow her on twitter and say hello won’t you?

My Life, The Universe and My Shoes

Lauren, who writes My Life, The Universe and My Shoes, is an old friend of mine. We’ve known each other for the past 9 years. I trust her with my life, my blog (see her guest post!) and I love her with every inch of my being. She only recently started blogging but is really coming into her own, doing fabulous reviews, fashion drooling and make-up tutorials. She is the girl in our group who we turn to when our faces fail us, when our nails looks shabby, and when we aren’t shining as brightly as we would like. She is now sharing her talents in the blogging community, and her magic shouldn’t be overlooked! Check out the blog here, and follow her on twitter!


6 responses to “Gorgeous October Sponsors

  1. I cannot tell you how happy this made me to read this morning!

    Thanks Bex!

  2. Look like two lovely blogs, I’m heading over to check them out!

  3. How have I only just seen this?! So exciting!

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