What I Wore – The Devon Wedding (Part 2 – The Reception)


Our friends got married as posted here, but they wanted to have a big ‘ole shindig with all their friends and family too.

So seeing as the bride was wearing the same thing…I thought why the hell not! You can see how I styled it before here.

Ok…the difference isn’t massive (the heels are mind you…) but this time I thought I could have a bit more fun, and hail my rock chick roots. I teamed my red prom frock (without extra petticoats) with a leopard print cinch and leopard print block heels. I wore pearl earrings and a slap of bright red lippie too.

Not bad for a £20 thrifted dress eh? Price per wear is already only a tenner!

I spent most of the day in velcro rollers, with a bright silk scarf wrapped around my bonce, dressed in teeny denim shorts and a vest due to the blazing heatwave we had! This meant my hair was curly and somewhat unruly, just the way I like it.

Using some Barry M ‘Shatter’ nail polish I also made my nails leopard print to tie in with my theme! Commitment or what. The girls at work also LOVED them when I trooped in for a Sunday shift looking like death warmed up.


3 responses to “What I Wore – The Devon Wedding (Part 2 – The Reception)

  1. Looking spectacular!!! I love the look, and only wish we could have had more shots of it. 😉

    • P was on professional photographer duty, so I felt bad asking for full on shots!
      Am posting up the wedding pics tomorrow so pop back them in case there are a few more of the frock! 😀 x

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