Sunday Saviours #19

Ok…yesterday I meant to post my pics of the Devon wedding (Part 2) but my laptop and I had a full on disagreement. So they’ll hopefully be up tomorrow, or me and my laptop with be having words (with a large stick).

A Beautiful Mess of Hair

I’ve tried this look out twice this week. Attempt 1 was a absolute FAIL and it only stayed in for about one lesson at work, but on Attempt 2, using shorter grips, it held up quite well, even getting me through an hour and a half of archery, an hour drive to Miss Lauren’s and lots of Flashdance related behaviour (don’t ask!).

Babies in 2011

This made me a little bit sad and nostalgic.

What Birds Do

The fabulous Jenny Robins (find her on Twitter – @jennyrobins) artist extrodinaire, linked this up on twitter this week and it made me chuckle.


I want this more than you will ever know.

Fabric Knot Bracelet DIY

Something to have a go at onan Autumnal evening from the Blue Eyed Owl.

Snappy Coin Purse

A little something to make and give at Christmas? Perfection from this lovely sewing blogger!



2 responses to “Sunday Saviours #19

  1. Have a look at the Hair Romance blog ( Incredible hairstyles and the creators of the easiest twist and pin technique I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous blog!

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