The Devon Wedding (Pt 2 – The Reception)

On Friday I posted up What I Wore and today here are some pictures of the wonderful event.

This was a very low stress wedding, despite the fact the golfers were STILL coming in to get pints from the bar whilst we were setting up (giving me VERY strange looks as I tied helium balloons together in my bright headscarf, velcro rollers and tiny shorts). Could they NOT SEE WE WERE SETTING UP? Some of them looked mighty surprised when the bar staff began turning them away. Apparently a room decked out with fairy lights and red & white balloons is often how they finish a round of golf.

The bride and I changed in a changing room (it really was glorified shower full of upholstered chairs) but we managed to get her out on the floor looking fabulous just as guests were arriving. Due to being amazing, the bride and groom had set up tables full of origami bits and bobs for guests to do, to get people talking and get them creating. Fab idea no?

I also managed to sink 2 G&T’s in half an hour before I remembered I was the designated driver. FAIL.

It was a night full of friends, laughter, silliness, love and tomfoolery. And here are some pictures to prove it.


4 responses to “The Devon Wedding (Pt 2 – The Reception)

  1. Amazing photos, they look very lifelike, I really enjoy your use of the black and white also.

    • Thanks! I really can’t take credit for P’s amazing pictures though. He’s in the process of creating his own website. Such a proud girlfriend! (As soon as it’s published, I’ll be letting you ALL know!) x

  2. Awww, it looks like so much fun! And so beautiful!

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