Hello Boots!

That time of year has arrived when my boots are being dragged out the back of the wardrobe to replace my flimsy ballet flats.

Thankfully Clarks has had the foresight to pop me a little discount code through the post! The folks at Clarks HQ are well-timed, I give them that.

Clarks is where I had all my school shoes from growing up, and that is all I can think of when I hear Clarks. Boring school shoes. Yet after going to their website for a bit of a browse I stumbled upon many a pair of yummy boots! They’ve really upped their game in recent years and actually there are some very nice things that will last you a long time. They don’t scrimp on quality in Clarks you know. (Hence why I always had school shoes from there…INDESTRUCTIBLE)

Yummy no? I love the Majorca Sun boots, they are right up my street!

If you fancy grabbing yourself a new pair of A/W boots, just before the bad weather hits, hit up Clarks.co.uk take advantage of this little discount code at the checkout and you’ll get 20% off!


This code expires on the 20th of November 2011.

Please note – I am not being sponsored by Clarks, I’m just passing on  some honest feedback on a brand and friendly discount to my fab readers.


2 responses to “Hello Boots!

  1. Love Clarks.. So comfy and great quality!

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