Sunday Saviours #21

Hi there folks!

I’m currently in the lap of luxury at dear Papa Pigeon’s, doing…. sod all in fact. I love visiting my Dad and Stepmum because we do basically nothing. This time we have actually (quite shockingly) made some plans to go Charity Shop shopping with Stepma and to possibly visit another National Trust property, but other than that we’ll chat, drink tea, eat, sleep and relax. Perfect after the fortnight I’ve had.

Here is your Sunday Saviours to keep you ticking through.


Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen, tweeted this earlier this week and it made my day. I would like to also put out there on the internet that LEGGINGS are NOT TROUSERS, please do not wear them as such. You can follow Jacquelyn on Twitter here.

Oreo Pops

Oh yes!

Bathroom Organising

I actually love this idea – totally going to tidy up or bathroom this way!

Birthday Present

Ummmm…I want ok? And it’s my birthday soon. Pleeeeease?

The Truth

Ever wanted to know it? Well…here it is


Have a fab week guys! xxx





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