National Trust #2 – Petworth House & Park

Petworth House has ties back to the 13th century. The chapel and the undercroft still survive and are beautiful to behold. The house has been passed down the family line for generations and continuing with that tradition, Max Egremont (British biographer and novelist) and his family currently live in one of the wings.

The building houses some of the most amazing pieces of art, some owned by the family, The Egremonts, and some by Tate Britain. There is actually a room where the walls are 4 oil paintings high. AMAZING.

If you aren’t into oil paintings, or marble statues, you need to talk to any of their room helpers, because they can tell you some awe-filling things. Trust me, worth it to have your mind expanded.

There is also the kitchens, which for me was a sight to behold. I drooled a lot.

Petworth House stands in a 700 acre plot, known as Petworth Park. It has its own deer herd…fancy eh?… Not only does it have a LOT of deer, it also have a boating lake, full of wildlife.

The thing I loved most about Petworth House and Park was the pleasure grounds, a 30 acre woodland garden designed by Capability Brown.

I loved the ‘picture points’ around the gardens, the rotunda and the temple that were perfectly placed in their settings. We abused them royally for some photographs.

This was truly a fabulous outing on a Sunday afternoon, and I urge you all to get there if you can! Even if it is just to take a few snaps.


4 responses to “National Trust #2 – Petworth House & Park

  1. If there is a drool-worthy kitchen I NEED to go there someday!

    It sounds truly gorgeous and amazing!

    a cup of subtle tea

  2. Thanks for sharing your visit- this sounds beautiful (and massive!). I’d love visit one day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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