Repurposing Jars

We almost outgrew our little rented nest the first week we moved in, and now after being here just over a year, I find myself more often than not trying to squish more stuff into this small flat, without magically gaining a Narnia wardrobe, whilst trying to make it look like a place we live in and not a storage facility.

One way I have been doing this is by using every handy organisational tip I can think of, whilst trying to spend NO cash (as it is all being funnelled into the deposit for the NEXT nest.) Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favourite tips with you all! So here’s the first!

Repurposing Jars

I am a little bit obsessed with jars, so much so that P gets in trouble for throwing them out. I primarily collect them for making chutney & jam, but I also use them round the house to collate and contain. Jars are absolutely mavellous because they come in ALL shapes and sizes AND they are free.

I was so sick of rummaging in drawers for a pen and the simple answer is often the best. Pens, pencils and scissors are great to store on your desk or by the phone in a jar, with a bit of cute ribbon wrapped round.

I also use a salsa jar (seriously scrubbed clean) to keep track of all my hair bands on my dresser. I was useless at keeping them in one place and this really helps me to be able to just grab a hair-tie on my way out of the door. The fact that I know where they live means I don’t put them in stupid places, lose them and  then have to replace them every 3 months.

You could also use your surplus jars (after you’ve made your Christmas jams and chutneys of course) for about a million other uses.

How about storing your birthday candles, buttons, crayons,  stud earrings, paperclips, drawing pins, cake decorations, or cake cases? How about using them as tealight votives? Or as a small farmhouse style vase? You could even fill half with soil and plant herbs in them for your windowsill. The possibilites of jars are actually endless, and that is before we’ve even discussed spray painting them first!

The thing with being organised and tidy is to know your weaknesses and put things in place to catch them. Little bits and bobs are my weakness…I tend to just whack them all in one drawer, so then I just have a drawer full of rubbish. My jar obsession means that I make my life a little bit easier, and that for me, is what being organised is all about.

What do you use your jars for? I’d love to know.


6 responses to “Repurposing Jars

  1. I do the same thing with coffee mugs since we have so many! Jars too now since I have them for canning and baking!


    • We have sooo many mugs that P has one for pens in his cave! And I’ve repurposed some for growing herbs in…my basil plants love the rabbit mug and the creme egg mug they are growing in!

  2. Ahh I think we are dangerously close to outgrowing our little space too and we’ve only been here a little while! Your jars looks so cute and are so cost effective.. I’ll definitely have to make some of my own.. I find stray bobby pins all over the house so I should really make them a new salsa-jar home!

    • Thanks hun! Bobby pins are the actual ban of my life…I have a small box for mine (repurposed from a diary I bought!) that live behind my dresser mirror, but I do still find the odd one floating about!

  3. I love being able to re use something and make it into something useful!
    Great idea with the jars =)

  4. I love jars too. They is a simple beauty to them. I generally use them for storing foods, though there is a pen one sitting on my desk.

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