Thrifty Find: Lost Enid Blytons!

This is probably the ONLY post on the internet that isn’t about Halloween! 😀 We are sort of missing it this year, due to a number of reasons, mainly because we forgot about it!

A few weeks back I posted about finding the motherload hoard of Enid Blyton books at a car boot sale. I was overjoyed and disappointed at the same time, I was missing a few of my all time favourites. I began the eBay hunt to no avail.

P & I went and stayed with Papa Pigeon and my lovely Stepmumma recently, and you’ll only guess what I found in a box upstairs….

THAT’S RIGHT! The books I thought were missing forever and that had been sold/lost/donated, my Dad and Stepmum had kept. The sentimental pair!

I actually danced about like a lunatic and tweeted like crazy. These books are from my childhood, and from my fathers. He actually had written his name in one, stating the year and class at junior school he was in.

So many childhood memories came flooding back staring at these covers and fingering through the pages. Dad used to read Brer Rabbit to my younger brother endlessly and I can remember his voice channelling all the characters.

As with their peers, these books have been lovingly repaired with a bit of tape and have gone into storage for my future children. Or perhaps for reading to myself later…


5 responses to “Thrifty Find: Lost Enid Blytons!

  1. Afraid I so despised Enid Blyton myself that I had to remind myself that ANY reading is good for children and hold my tongue. Chacun a son gout, as she probably never said.

  2. I don’t care what she was like as a person, those books are magic!
    And the original, before they turned all PC are even better. I love that you have those covers too! I had one copy of ‘The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor’ in that cover and I loved it. Happy reading!

  3. My love for her is such a sense memory. Just reading her reminds me of my Dad and my paternal grandparents and being 6. The 60’s covers are the best, and I only want those books! 😀

  4. I absolutely love finding items that are from childhood, especially your parents. They are so much more meaningful!

    a cup of subtle tea

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