Fabulous November Sponsors

Here are my lovely sponsors for November! Smile and wave everyone!

This is the gorgeous Lauren Alice, who blogs on everything beauty related! She is my real-life beauty fairy godmother as well as an obsessed nail varnish collector. She has easily become my favourite beauty blogger since she started blogging earlier this year. Go and say hello won’t you?


As you may have seen, if you are a regular reader of the blog, I have much love for Hannah and her piece of the internet. She is absolutely lovely, down-to-earth and super sweet, but don’t just take my word for it, go visit her!


Ever wondered what it would be like to chuck yourself out of a plane? James over at Unstable Exits does it VERY regularly. Take a step outside your comfort zone and see things from a  casual skydivers point of view…if you can believe anyone who is a skydiver is casual! Why haven’t you clicked here yet?!

P has got the blog bug! And how could I NOT make him a sponsor? You’ve seen his gorgeous photography here on Musings of the Pigeon’s Nest, and now he has his very own photography website and his very own blog. Please go and pop in and leave some lovely comments!


4 responses to “Fabulous November Sponsors

  1. Eeeeeek!!!! I’ve just seen this!!! Love love love the pictures. May have to get you to redesign my blog button gorgeous girly! Lx

  2. You are such a sweetie… Have I told you that recently? 🙂

    By the way, I need to send you an updated button!


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