Mozzypop Goodies

I just had to do a little post on the amazing Dayner and her shop, Mozzypop.

I had heard wonderful things from real-life friend, blog sponsor and gorgeous beauty blogger, Lauren Alice over at My Life, The Universe and My Shoes about Dayner’s jewellery, and when Lauren’s new gems arrived and she sparkled them all in my face, I realised that my life wouldn’t be complete without a pair to call my own.

Thankfully Mozzypop caught my fancy whilst Dayner was having a half-price flash sale! AMAZING. I got 2 pairs or earrings for the price of one, and the postage is free.

Also I must mention what an actual doll Dayner is. She’s chatty, friendly and oh so sweet. She is truly a fabulous someone who I will buy from again.

You can check out her gorgeous shop, Mozzypop here, read her blog and follow her on twitter here!


5 responses to “Mozzypop Goodies

  1. Cute cute cute cute cute! I Aimée and I bought half of her shop!

  2. those are darling! i would be happy with any one of those! 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I’m Lauren, its very nice to meet you!

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