Belt Storage

Is it just me or are belts the WORST thing to store?

I recently came up with the best solution for me.

My belts already live in an box in a drawer, but the fact they were resembling a box of snakes was irritating me beyond belief!

I keep all the elastic bands that hold our shop-bought vegetables together (apparently my craziness knows no bounds), and I use these to keep those wily snake-belts under wraps.

Just roll the belts around the buckles and then secure with a band…this is great for when you pack them in a suitcase too!

Any handy hints with belts to share?


4 responses to “Belt Storage

  1. That is one of the best ways I’ve seen to store them other than having a rack to hang them on. They are just so AWKWARD. lol

  2. Please can you come and sort my sorry life out! My drawers (and life) are a mess!

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