How To: Make Plaited Rug Bowl

My plaited bowl rug really came about by accident, I was aiming to make another rag-rug trivet for hot-from-the-oven dishes on the dining table, but due to how I sewed this bad boy, I’ve come out with a handy little fabric bowl for my overflowing bangle collection.

This bowl began as one of P’s old tshirts that had past its prime, I made a small snip in the hem and ripped it around and around, spiralling up the tshirt (more luck than skill!) to make one really really long strip that I then cut into 3 shorter.

I then plaited it together and began to hand sew it on itself around and around like a snail shell. It wouldn’t lay flat, so I decided to go with it and create a bowl.

I guess the lesson I learnt during this little project is to be adaptable! Things don’t always turn out the way you expect.


4 responses to “How To: Make Plaited Rug Bowl

  1. I recently knitted a rug from tee-shirt fabric but had not thought about a plaited bowl. That is really lovely! Helen

  2. My bracelets are beginning to runneth over, but it is great for all off P’s man wires that he feels he requires in the bedroom!

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