Delightful December Sponsors

Christmas is fast approaching, and I have an early christmas present for my blog, and it’s only bloomin’ fabulous December sponsors!

I feel a little bit slighted putting up a sponsor for P, as the more hits he gets the less I see of him! He’s been beavering away in his man cave fiddling with loads of piccies from our visits to Disneyland recently, as well as booking his first professional wedding gig! WHOOP! Check out his fabulous wedding photography here and his little blog just here.

Jahnavi over at A Beautiful Feather is a lovely new sponsor. She hails from Dubai, where she lives with her husband and takes gorgeous piccies. Her blog is a little insight to her life, her photography obsession and things that give her inspiration. The blog truly lovely, as is she. It’s almost a little surprising that she is a brand new blogger, she has only being up and running for a month! Head on over a say hello won’t you? Read her blog here and chatter to her on twitter here.

Hannah, writer and general lovely over at A Cup of Subtle Tea, is a familiar face here at The Nest. Not only does she blog a good ‘un, she is so friendly that it would be a crime not to tweet her! I love seeing her little slice of life in my web browser as she settles into her new home, miles and miles away from her home town, with boyfriend, James. The thing I love the most about Hannah is how ‘real’ she is. This girl posts pics of herself cooking in her jammies, and for that reason alone I think you should head on over and give her a lovely comment and a wave. Read her lovely blog here, and have a chinwag with her on twitter here.

Kerry over at Darling Disarray is ANOTHER new sponsor. She writes beautifully about little things that make me think a lot. As a writer with a pretty impressive resume, she is a breath of fresh air. I love her ‘Self Love’ posts and I’ll be keeping a close eye on her ’27 things before 27′ post, that girl has set herself some pretty amazing things to do before her next birthday. Pop over and say hello, poke about and ponder. Read her personal blog here and visit her professional website here.

Yep, James over at Unstable Exits is still throwing himself out of planes. I personally think he’s a mental case, but as I read his blog posts I see great lessons to be learnt for all of us, even those who don’t have an overbearing urge to throw themselves out of a gravity defying metal bird.  Head on over to hear his tales of falling, life and general tomfoolery attached to a parachute. Read his blog here. Go on, get clicking!

Last, but nowhere means least, is the gorgeous Lauren Alice from My Life, The Universe and My Shoes. Lauren is my go-to girl for any beauty product I even vaguely ponder about buying. Her reviews are top-notch, honest and to the point. The fact that this beautiful creature mixes lipsticks to get a brand new one blows my thrifty mind! Luckily, I get to call her my best friend, but now I don’t get to keep her beauty know-how to myself,  you guys get to go and revel in all her glory too! Read her blog here and have a chitchat with her on twitter here, she doesn’t bite….honest.


2 responses to “Delightful December Sponsors

  1. You are so STINKING cute, funny, awesome… the list could go on and on!


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