My Earliest Memory

Yes….shockingly this blonde child is me….aged 3.

I’m featured over at ‘My Earliest Memory’ at the moment. My Earliest Memory is project set up to record just that, people’s earliest memories. As strange as it sounds it is really lovely to hear what has stuck in people’s minds as the first thing they can remember!

Click here to see my memory and here to read a whole load more!

You can even contribute yourself!


4 responses to “My Earliest Memory

  1. I do believe I remember you at this age…. and the carpet and I think my memory of you and me at this age was the excitement of catching up in school holidays and the drive to Durrington to see you which was an epic adventure given the 15 min drive….!

    • That must be a VERY early memory for you my dear! That 15 minute drive past your old house always felt MUCH longer than it does now. (And at least you stayed blonde!!!) xxx

  2. Hello! I found your blog via my brother Tom C so just thought I’d say hi, loving reading it!

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