I am currently….

I spotted this ‘Currently’ over at Sometimes Sweet last week and I thought I’d open the door and let you guys further into the mental space that is my mind at the moment.

Obsessing over: Money. I’m trying so hard to scrimp and save at the moment for my contribution to the house deposit and every penny is being accounted for, even more than usual. It’s so tiring having to be worried about it all the time and I cannot wait for this house buying malarky to be well on its way.

Working on: a secret little (well..hopefully BIG) project that I will be super excited to share with you all next spring. Let’s just say my sewing machine and I are getting VERY friendly.

Thinking about: the future.  I talk a pretty big game about houses, marriage, children, dogs and vegetable gardens, but it is only in the last week that I realised these things might actually be in my future. I’m excited and terrified (that they may poof out of existence) and I have started falling all over myself making plans. I sometimes catch myself wishing my life away. Time to take a step back and enjoy what I have NOW methinks.

Anticipating: The end of term. I can’t wait to finish work and get in my kitchen! Those Christmas hampers won’t make themselves you know! I really can’t wait to be aproned up and elbow deep in flour and chocolate.

Listening to: P working in his cave. Despite all the teasing I throw in his direction about working from home, that boy does produce some mental numbers and graphs for his money.

Drinking: Tea. I’m an addict. I’m ok with it.

Wishing: That I just had one more hour in the day…. pretty please?


2 responses to “I am currently….

  1. So many exciting things going on right now for you! Good luck with buying a house.

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