What on earth is in my bag?

<<< This post is from yonks ago… and I have done an update since then… click here to have a look at ‘What on earth is in my bag’ now!>>>

I have recently been trying to do too much in too little time and I can tell that by the amount of stuff shoved in my bag.

It all came to a head last Friday when on an escalator on the London Underground, whilst carrying all my gear heading to Manchester for a girlie weekend, my bag strap literally pulled itself off. Thankfully a nice man grabbed it for me and the clasp had stayed tightly shut against the bulging contents.

I repaired it ‘toot sweet’ when I got home, and I totally cleared out my bag.  Here is what made the cut into my daily bag.

Filofax – I physically can’t live without my diary. My mother always had a filofax but I never needed one until I hit college where rehearsals and work began taking over my life. My cover is from Paperchase, and I love how bright and cheerful it is. It’s my bit of 6-year-old in my grown-up day. It also holds a pen, which is a souvenir from Monkey World. I’m such an adult.

Notebook – I always have a notebook in my bag. This one is a freebie job from a magazine. I love having one for my to-do lists, shopping lists and blog ideas.

Purse – It’s from Primark, probably about 4 years ago. It’s got a wipe down front which is a life saver! It’s held up really well! I do have some smaller ones for nights out and trips on the motorbike.

Data Stick – My little bit of geek. Mine is Attache, and I use it to bring work home and back again… boring right? Let’s move on…

Benefit It Stick – I got this free with a magazine and I love it. When it runs out I truly am going to be a little bit lost until I buy another. It is perfect for those days when I have a blemish or two when they poke through my make-up at 2pm.

Plastic Screw Top Rose Pot (Full of hand cream) – This was a birthday present 2 years ago and it has been refilled. The soaps at work are quite harsh and now the colder weather has set in this is always in my bag to keep my hands soft.

A box of nibbles (nuts) – I suffer with a high metabolism (“Suffer?!” I hear you cry) and I need to make sure I have nibbles on hand for when I am out and about. I can become highly irritable after a couple of hours without food, and often quite dizzy. So munchies are a MUST. Nuts are my healthy option of choice at the moment. I have been known to keep cereal bars in the car too.

Nail file in a case – I love my nail file case. I never catch my file on anything of scrape my nails when fishing about in the bottom of my bag.

Button Lipbalm from Boots – Given as a gift on my birthday. They came in a set of 4 and they are really yummy flavours. Perfect for when it is chilly outside to keep those lips from drying out.

Sew Sweet sewing Kit – As I have mentioned on Twitter, I have a little surprise for next spring, which I shall reveal after Christmas. This sewing kit, given to me by the lovely Bobbie, is now firmly fixed in my bag so I can craft on the go.

Vintage leather gloves – These gloves were P’s grandmothers and they fit perfectly. Perfect for those cold mornings before the car has heated up and I love wearing something with a bit of history.

Bag is £12 job from Primark, which will teach me for using something so cheap and cheerful for lugging my whole life around in! Hopefully now it is fixed it should last a bit longer!

What is in your bag?


9 responses to “What on earth is in my bag?

  1. o I just love these posts…need to do one myself….love that you carry snacks too!


  2. Love the gloves! Just lovely!
    xo, Kinsey

  3. I might tag you to do a what’s in my make up bag, as I love your little carry case. Infact I will. TAG!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I added a party button on my blog if you would like to share with others. 🙂


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