I’m dreaming of the perfect craft room…

I have recently spent most of my evenings with a needle and thread in hand, scrunched up on the sofa watching TV. I honestly have to fight to pull my sewing machine out of its storage space to use it, so I wait to have a huge pile of machine sewing to do before I do it. What I really can’t wait for when we move is to have my own little craft space. I hope to be able to share P’s office, so we can spend more time together….me sewing and crafting, him playing computer games and watching Star Trek.

Sooooo till then…I have been drooling over a few of these beauties.

(Please click the pictures for where they were sourced)

A craft room in a cupboard? This would make my inner tidy fairy VERY happy! I could shut the door on my mess! It would also mean that I shut the door on my mess which would no doubt come flying out when I opened it.

This is gorgeous, look at the colours. I love the double bench idea. That would mean I could have my sewing machine on one, and then I could make cards and do other bits and bobs on the other. I really like pinboards. I think I’d have a HUGE one though (or a huge piece of sheet metal) and cover it in inspiration and pictures of those I love.

I know this is a kids craft area, but I love the teal back board. It’s a peg board, and I’m not sure if it is wood or not, but it would be PERFECT if it was metal. I have some gorgeous vintage buttons already glued onto magnets ready for my inspiration board! I do love that everything has its place in this little station.

I love the little squares in this shelving, so perfect for storage. And that lime yellow cabinet? Perfection.

I really can’t wait to get started on this craft space of mine. Only 6 more months of dreaming…..and scheming!


4 responses to “I’m dreaming of the perfect craft room…

  1. That kid really enjoys the Revolution in Military Affairs!

  2. I am always dreaming about having a craft room like these! Someday!

    a cup of subtle tea

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