Sunday Saviours #26

Hello you lovelies.

This is my last Sunday Saviours before Christmas! Not long now till the big day, and I must admit I am going to be up to my eyeballs making all sorts of goodies ready to give away to my friends and family. I have a few more bits to get, but thankfully school holidays have begun and I’m free as a bird to get my shop on!

Right…here we go…

I need this in my life just to organise me that little bit more. Feed the OCD.

I love big band music, and this is makes me quite happy.

My gorgeous best friend and beauty blogger Lauren Alice has recently found the best way for her to keep blogging without flaring up her RSI! Genius.

I need to buy this and hang it by my mirror so I can see it everyday.

Sequins and flesh…could I ask for more?

Reuse, remake, rehash, recycle. My kind of girl.

I really feel my life is so mental that I need one of these. Perhaps my new years resolution should be to have one of these running.


4 responses to “Sunday Saviours #26

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blogs in 2011 and wish you luck in 2012. AA

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