How To: stop people raiding your cupboards…

I cook A LOT. Probably a lot more than is mentioned on this blog, but never more so than around Christmas time. I make a lot of edible Christmas presents the week before Christmas (yep, this week, between blogging, I am covered in chocolate) and I really can’t wait to hand them out, but what really gets me angry is doing my ‘ingredients shop’, only to find that two days later, the majority of my ingredients have been munched by Him Indoors.

After realising how much of the food in the cupboards and fridge P wasn’t allowed to eat, I came up with a genius little idea.

As simple as this seems, having a visual reminds us not to eat the things I need to cook!

Hope your Christmas cooking is going well!


4 responses to “How To: stop people raiding your cupboards…

  1. This is a great idea!!

    In reply to your comment, I got my Oreos in a BOGOF offer… ingredients for this Xmas baking is costing a fortune! lol

    Dayner x my blog –

  2. hahaha This is awesome!

    a cup of subtle tea

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