Christmas Traditions (or the lack of)

Time to be honest….I’ve been a getting a little bit jealous of everyone posting up about their Christmas traditions.

I’ve been hurumphing around the nest thinking ‘I don’t have ANY Christmas traditions. My family & I do different stuff EVERY YEAR. Some years I’ve worked, some years I split my Christmas day, some years I’ve just gone back to bed after a Christmas Eve late shift….’

So I huffed a bit more, ate some pretzels and sat looking at our tree, and then it slowly dawned on me how much P and I had done similarly this year to last year, and actually how we have started to build our own Christmas traditions together.

We put the tree up in November.

Some say it’s too early, we say ‘no way’. We’ve normally sorted out a huge amount of our presents by the end of November and we need somewhere to store them! Also…our little 4ft tree is amazeballs. It’s from my teenage years, when I wanted a tree in my room, so I bought myself  a small one. We have such random decorations; some bought, some made, some thrifted, some handed down. I love our teeny tree.

We watch a classic christmas film as we make our flat christmassy.

Last year we watched Home Alone 1 & 2. This year, Muppets Christmas Carol took centre stage. FILM GOLD!

P turns on the lights.

Once the tree is up and decorated, P sets the ‘Christmas Timer’, which turns our lights on automatically each afternoon. He has also set them to turn off automatically at bedtime. The fact that I walk in the door and the Christmas lights ping on makes my day.

I cook. A LOT.

Truffles, Pretzel bark, Mallow Pops… I am literally up to my eyes in chocolate for the entire week before christmas.

Two lots of presents (or more!)

P and I are both from divorced parent families, so we have more than one ‘big day’. Last year we clocked up 4 Christmas dinners. Not bad eh?

We aren’t at home when we wake up on Christmas Day.

Due to the mentalness that is our families, we have never been at home Christmas morning. I hope to change that next year.

I hope when we are in our own place Christmas morning, that we can start a stocking tradition, where we open stocking presents in the morning and open the rest of the presents after lunch. Spreading out the cheer.

Xmas Swap

My best friends and I do a mass present swap where we all exchange gifts before trogging off to our families for our christmassy duties. I love getting to spend this time with them….I hope I can convince them to open all their pressies on the swap day instead of Christmas morning! *evil laugh*

So there are my meager ‘traditions’….hopefully in a few years time I’ll have a few more to share!


4 responses to “Christmas Traditions (or the lack of)

  1. awww I loved this post……we don’t have anything TOO concrete concerning traditions, we kind of just do what we like when we want….pretty flexible 🙂

  2. Your Christmas sounds like so much fun! I have a few that happen each year without fail, I still, at the age of 23, wake up and go downstairs to gather all the presents and go seat on my mums and dads bed to open them all! Never open presents downstairs! It was always my job to lug them up the stairs.
    For the past five year a big group of us all meet up on Christmas Eve and spend the evening down the pub getting roaring drunk 🙂
    We always gather round the telly to watch the queens speech and like clockwork my dad falls asleep withing 20 seconds haha.
    I cannot wait for the big day now!

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