Keeping your Nest clean in 2012

I really enjoy cleaning. I know…I’m sick in the head, but I find it really therapeutic. Being able to see a visible difference when I start in a room to when I finish a room makes me feel like I’ve actually achieved something. If my house is tidy, my brain is tidy. My mother used to spend her entire weekends cleaning our house from top to bottom, despite working a full week, and she never used to have any time for herself. I like to break mine down into 15 minute slots every day. I even set a timer, and then I do it with as much gusto and energy as possible…might as well burn some calories as you do a chore right?

I originally was inspired by Apartment Therapy’s 20 minute a day cleaning schedule, but I tweaked it to work for me.

Let’s start with some exceptions…

Laundry – As there are only two of us, and we do our washing at night when the cheap electricity clicks on, I tend to only do laundry once a week. We also have to hang our washing indoors in our main living space, which is not the most chic look…. so I tend to avoid doing washing when guests are on the cards. One thing that does save me time is drying all wardrobe items on hangers. This means I can easily just grab them off the drying rack and plonk them in the wardrobe.

Dishes – P and I have daily fallings out about the dishes. He likes to leave them until there is enough to wash up an entire bowl, I like them done ASAP after every meal. We decided when we moved in together what were ‘My jobs’ and ‘His jobs’, and as I cook, he washes up, so I try not to complain as long as it gets done before I need pans again! Let’s just say we cannot wait to move and get a dishwasher.

Bins – When I do my general room tidy, I whack these in the big bin and then empty that as regularly as we need to. Don’t let it get so full you can’t push the lid open like we do sometimes…..

Hoovering – Hoovering is a P job, so it gets done on his own timetable. I actually own an old-fashioned push and pull carpet sweeper, which I use when I’m doing a general tidy of each room.

So here is my 15 minute a day, 30 day cleaning schedule!

  1. General tidy and dust of Living Room and Kitchen – Make sure everything is where it should be, recycle junk mail and old take-out menus, carpet sweep/sweep and mop.
  2. Clean bathroom – wipe and bleach toilet, wipe bath/showers, clean tiles, taps and mirrors, sweep.
  3. General tidy and dust of bedrooms – make sure all clean clothes are away and dirty go in the wash basket. Check if bed linen needs changing, strip and remake beds if it does.
  4. General tidy and dust of hallways – Don’t forget to wipe down your banisters…think how many times they get touched!
  5. General tidy and dust of extra rooms/ Tidy your Airing Cupboard – P is in charge of his office (The Cave) so I use this day to make sure our airing cupboard is all tidy.
  6. Clean your windows. I use this recipe here (link to old post)
  7. Clean all mirrors and glass fronted doors in your house.
  8. General tidy and dust of Living Room and Kitchen
  9. Tidy wardrobes/closets – sort out that pile of shoes, array of coats, bags of hats etc.
  10. Tidy and organise all bedroom drawers.
  11. General tidy and dust of bedrooms
  12. Clean bathroom
  13. Clean and tidy inside any bathroom cabinets, clean them out and chuck anything no longer used or empty.
  14. Wipe down all light switches and doorknobs
  15. General tidy and dust of Living Room and Kitchen
  16. Clean fridge, inside and out, tidy inside kitchen cupboards.
  17. Clean Kitchen appliances
  18. Clean bathroom
  19. Wash out bins
  20. Wipe down all cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen
  21. General tidy and dust of bedrooms
  22. Clean the oven
  23. General tidy and dust of Living Room and Kitchen
  24. Wipe down windowsills
  25. Clean bathroom
  26. General tidy and dust of hallways
  27. Tidy and organise any drawers in the Living Room
  28. Organise bookshelves/dvd storage
  29. Clean all mirrors and glass fronted doors in your house.
  30. Tidy and organise your kitchen drawers

I have my list printed out, laminated and stuck inside my kitchen cupboards so I can cross them off each day and then rub it off when my 30 days are up. You could put it in a photo frame and use the glass the same way. I hope to transfer my list to a nice frame and mount it once we’ve moved.

So there you have it…my completely insane cleaning schedule.


6 responses to “Keeping your Nest clean in 2012

  1. This is very commendable… I see some people are born to be housekeepers, and others just have to muddle through. I tend to write the list, feel better for having written it, and that’s the last I think of it. Enjoyed your blogs this year. AA

  2. Insanely brilliant. Happy new years! x hivennn

    • I’m glad that brilliant was put in there too! 😀 Even if you miss a day from being away (me on NYE!) you can instantly see what you need to do before you go or what to ctach up on!

  3. What a great idea! I think I’m going to have to try this. It’s much less daunting a task to clean when you do it little by little.
    Thanks for linking up to Simply Klassic Home!

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