Lovely January Sponsors

Happy New Year everyone!

Whilst you are all nursing your poor heads (from copious amounts of alcohol) and feet (from copious amounts of dancing!), how about looking at my lovely sponsors for January?

Her Umbrella

Grace is a lovely blogger who urges us all to ‘decorate your life’. I really can’t get enough of the positive message that underlines all of Grace’s writing and her loveliness oozes from the pages. Don’t just take my word for it…pop over and say hi. You can visit her blog here, tweet her here, and look at all the pretty things she likes on pinterest!

Unstable Exits

James is a real life friend of mine, and he likes to regale us with his tales of jumping out of aeroplanes over a pint or two in the pub. We’ve gathered that jumping out a plane primarily wearing a onesie, goggles and a parachute is his idea of a good time (after telling us about it in the pub of course!). Read about his fast-fall adventures here.

Love is…

Andrea is a newlywed and general lovely. Her little blog is an insight into her life and everything she adores. She is a quite a new blogger on the scene, only starting in March 2011, but she is well on her way to making her mark in her own corner of the internet. Stop by and say hello here, tweet her here and looking at all the fabulous things she likes on pinterest.

My Life, The Universe and My Shoes

What can I say about this lovely lady that I haven’t already shared? Lauren is a fabulous beauty blogger, who is my real life best friend. She has a collection of well over 100 nail polishes and her YouTube video outtakes show the very reason we are friends. Visit her fabulous blog here, tweet her here and look at all her pinterest goodies here!

Life as Twiggy

Celeste is a gorgeous girlie who blogs over at Life as Twiggy. She also runs her very own small business, Ruby Key, where she makes the most gorgeous paper based bits and bobs. I love her DIY tutorials, they are so simple but look fantastic. Head on over and say hello won’t you? Visit her blog, her shop Ruby Key or tweet her!

Beautiful Feather

Jahnavi hails from Dubai, where she lives with her husband and takes gorgeous piccies. Her blog is a little insight to her life. It’s almost a little surprising that she is a brand new blogger, she has only being up and running for 2  months! Head on over a say hello won’t you? Read her blog here and chatter to her on twitter here.

Knitted Fox Trot

The Knitted Fox is a super happily married small business owner, who dreams in designer knitwear and Japanese. She started blogging in 2003 as a way to vent about her horrid job…such a good idea for an outlet! She discovered knitting in 2008 and the rest my friends is history! Visit her blog here and chatter with her on twitter here.

Lismer Photography

Mr Lismer is secretly Him Indoors…. shhhhh… don’t tell anyone. With his first professional wedding gig all booked and paid for, he’s been pretty picture happy this Christmas! Visit his grown-up and all self built website here and his little blog here.

Sugar Hi Studio

Haylee is bloomin’ lovely. FACT. A self confessed craft geek, she runs her own little handmade business, Sugar Hi Studio, creating lots of lovely things that she shares on her blog. She also shares tidbits about her life, DIYs, thrifting and craft tips and tricks. I’ll be doing an interview feature on Haylee in the next few weeks, to help get some hints on starting my own little hadnmade business! Go say hi over at her blog, or tweet her!

Almost Delightful

Sarah muses about everything over at Almost Delightful. Full of whimsy and tea (two of my favourite things may I add), Sarah blogs about anything that takes her fancy. She’s down-to-earth and amusing…two very good reasons you should visit her blog here.


Bex is a 21 year old mum of one, who blogs about almost everything. Motherhood, make-up, fashion, food…you can find it all at Futures. she is also a not so secret Dr who geek, WWE fan and a film fiend. She started blogging almost a year a go and in that time has gone through her pregnancy and had her lovely little boy. head over and say hi won’t you? Her blog can be found here and her twitter is here.


4 responses to “Lovely January Sponsors

  1. Ooh I will have to check these all out! I needed some reading material for my lazy Sunday! 🙂


  2. Wow thank you for this hun! xo

  3. loved this post 🙂 thanks so much for having me!

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