Currently….in January

I did a ‘Currently’ post in December last year and I really enjoyed it. It allowed me time to take stock of how I was feeling and what I was actually doing with my time. So for 2012, I’ve decided I would like to make them a monthly feature so I can keep stock of what I have achieved and overcome in the months that pass. I would love this to become a project that you can all join in too. Feel free to link up you own ‘Currently’ posts in the comment box at the bottom.

Obsessing over: my sleep. At the moment I really am tired. I just need to go to bed earlier…but I really need an extra hour in the day so I can do that! I am so tired I even downloaded an app to count how much sleep I’ve had. With Sleepbot, I can monitor myself better and help towards 2012 being a better skin year for me. Also I now love when I catch up with my sleep at a weekend, because Sleepbot tells me that sleep owes me time!

Working on: Myself. One of my sillier New Year’s Resolutions was to go a full 24 hours without nagging Him Indoors… my girls giggled, which then led me to ponder about why I am always on at him. And why he puts up with it?! Apparently I have an overwhelming urge to have perfection. This month, I aim to work really hard not to whinge and moan at P about things I could change myself, to stay calm about things that don’t really matter and except that perfection is really overrated.

Thinking about: doing an E-Course. If I’m honest I haven’t a clue about setting up my own handmade business, so I’m thinking of learning a thing or two from somebody else who has done it. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess runs a gorgeous online and real life shop called Red Velvet. Her success is something I would love to emulate, so this month I am really considering biting the bullet and downloading her e-course about starting your own business. Has anyone heard of any others they would suggest?

Anticipating: My pay rise. Last month, I was ‘obsessing over’ money and it was really starting to drag me down. I felt so snowed under with having to save for the housing deposit, preparing to launch my own business and realising I had forgotten about having to pay for flights to Columbia for a family wedding in August! It was getting a little bit wearing. I also worked 60 hours overtime in November that I wasn’t paid for in my December pay check. Let’s just say I more than grumbled about that! This month however, I arrived back at work after Christmas to a nice little email from my boss, who had just realised that I actually have been on a lower pay grade than I should have been since I started 18 months ago and I am actually going to get all that backdated pay! It may not be much money extra each month, but an extra few quid here and there is never going to be sniffed at.

Listening to: Nothing at all. I physically can’t read blog posts and watch telly. No one physically can. This month, whilst reading or writing blogs posts I am going to turn everything else off. A little silence is good for you.

Eating: Christmas remnants. January is truly my favourite month for food. I like to ask for hampers for my Christmas presents, which means, in January, my cupboards are full of treats and goodies that I don’t allow our food budget to stretch to. I also love having a million things to make with a mixture of turkey, sprouts and 50% off cranberries. I say a millions things..I mean a million types of sandwiches… YUM.

Drinking: I had so much naughty juice (alcohol) over the Christmas holidays I feel that half my calorie intake was liquid! And that is saying something because I ate a LOT of food. So this month, I’ll be drinking lots of water to flush all the toxins out. Drinking more water is also one of my New Year’s resolutions to help me have a good skin year in 2012.

Wishing: that nobody succumbs to the January blues. January has been scientifically proven, by very smart people who know what they are talking about, to be the month of depression. The weather sucks, there is no Christmas to look forward to, early Christmas pay day means we are all struggling to make it to January pay day, there is nothing but the rubbish summer clothes you didn’t want last season in the sales… and have you noticed…the weather really sucks? Personally, I love January as it is perfect for hibernating. Bears really have the best idea and hibernate through this gopping month, coming out bright and breezey the other end. Hibernating doesn’t have to mean sleeping for us humans. The perfect hibernation for me is to watch telly, whilst wrapped in a blanket, crochet hook and wool in hand, with chamomile tea in my reach. Hibernating is about giving you some attention. If that means you have a relaxing bath every night in January, or go to bed before most 10 year olds… why not if it makes you feel better? Please, for bearssake, look after you this month and lets kick January’s ass into February.


2 responses to “Currently….in January

  1. I definitely know about the January blues! Despite it being my birth month, I always get a little down. I think I’ll take up your taking a hot bath every day suggestion! 🙂

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