Cosy Date

P is heading away this weekend for his brothers stag do. They are all off on their jollies to France skiing. As Best Man, he has planned for weeks, and he is very excited.

So as we are going to be apart this weekend, we decided to have a little impromptu cosy date after archery.

A cosy date consists of 3 things…. cosy clothes, food and movies.

Jammies – check. Yes, P owns Bananaman PJs. Papa and Stepmomma Pigeon bought them for him at Christmas.

Toasted Marshmallows – check. Our makeshift tealight/skewer combo is perfect for under blanket munchies.

Seagal – check. Something trashy to watch to whilst we snuggle. I can fall asleep to Seagal…he’s almost a narcoleptic inducing as Bond.

Anyone else love cosy dates?


2 responses to “Cosy Date

  1. That’s the main type of date I have these days! Love getting cosy in our flat, far too cold and windy to go out when we have everything we want right here indoors. Looks like a lovely evening x

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