Sunday Saviours #29

Hello, hello! Things have been a bit stressful here at the Nest this week, what with things at work going a bit pear-shaped and our home life being  busy with all our activities and P’s ski trip this weekend. Thankfully, next week looks set to be a bit calmer and with more breathing space.

These are the things that have been making me happy this week.

I sooo want to make these, but I doubt I could eat them, they are so cute.

This tickled me. And inspired me to make some for male friends. Men are hard to craft for. Anyone else find that?

I love how the former Miss James (she recently got hitched!) over at Bleubird feeds her little Birdie. Grown-up food, kid style.

Carmen over at Cheeky Cheeky had me in stitches with this.

My daily tweets with this lady and this lady have made my week bearable.

And the fab Dawn Porter talking about Moist Toilet Tissue? Could not help but bring a smile to my face.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


4 responses to “Sunday Saviours #29

  1. Hope next week’s a bit more chilled out for you x

  2. Awww you’ve linked me! Thanks lovely! Its lovely to talk to you on twitter too, I like our chats 🙂

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