The Big Swish

I blogged a few weeks ago here about being invited to a Swishing event and Sunday was the big payoff!

I excitedly gathered together the things in my wardrobe and drawers that I no longer wore, hung them on hangers and trotted off down to Brighton. I love the whole idea of preloved and My Swish is an event that is truly up my alley.

I arrived at 2pm, when the event began, and I handed my preloved goodies over. Each item you hand in at a My Swish event is given a points value. 10 for low end high street, 20 for high end and 50 for designer.

These are the items that I took to the Swish, my points totalled 170! Woop!

My spending money!

The actual Swishing didn’t take place until 3.30, so I sat in the little created Tea Shop, that was populated by gorgeous books (Hello Enid Blyton!), and sipped tea from the cutest cups and saucers, provided by Roses All Over.

When the Swish was opened, it was a bit of a free for all. All jostling and snatching. I waited back, snagging a few key pieces like shoes and bags, and then hung around till after the first rush, waiting for when people had already tried things on and put them back!

I loved the atmosphere. It was like thrift shopping on acid. You had to be quick or all the good pieces would be gone. I had serious jumper envy of one of my fellow swishers. She managed to grab a gorgeous blue jumper covered in owls. JEALOUS! I just wish I had spotted it before her.

I was also very ecxited to see where my items where going. I watched a very happy lady walk out with a pair of my preloved heels among her handfuls of goodies and my gold & black prom dress was not seen for dust.

These are the items I claimed from the Swish. And I only spent 80 points, I still have 90 for the next one!

I didn’t try stuff on, which in hindsight may have been a mistake, as when I got home both my dresses where too large. I’m totally fine with it, as I can just re-swish them at another event!

If you want to know any more about Swishing or organising your very own Swish, contact the lovely ladies at My Swish! You may just spot my prom dress hung up in the background of the home page piccie! 😀


10 responses to “The Big Swish

  1. I’ve never heard of these events, but how fun! I love the sparkly skirt 🙂

  2. How spooky! I just Googled My Swish to see if I could find their logo for the blog post I wrote last week- and found your blog. I’m the girl who got the owl sweater(!) Sorry!

    I carried some points over too so maybe we can meet for tea at the next one?


    • I literally stalked you for about 10 minutes trying to jedi mind trick you into putting it down…epic fail.
      We shoudl totally have some tea at the next Swish! Up.For.It!

      And I love your blog BTW!

  3. Haha- I was doing the same thing to the girl who got the beautiful blue polka-dot dress. Turns out Swishing is just a conga line of women stalking each other and trying to jedi mind trick the woman in front of them :p

    Thank you 🙂 Likewise.

    Excellent- looking forward to tea. I have no idea when the next swish is, but I think I might take up hurdling so I can leap over the rails to grab the beautiful dresses first next time.

  4. The girl who got the beautiful blue dress was me!! And I see you picked up my sequin skirt I put in to swap:)

    Such a fab event hey ladies!

    Visit my blog for my Swishing review:) x x

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