Sunday Saviours #31

Only three more ‘at work’ days until half term and I am so excited about it. Last Thursday I took a day off that I was owed and we painted our bedroom. Nothing exciting, we painted magnolia over magnolia, but it looks so much fresher and cleaner now that we have fixed all the mistakes made by the previous tentant…I mean WHO uses gloss paint to touch up on a Matt paint wall?

We also moved some shelves around last weekend meaning our living room looks much bigger and I bought DVD storage boxes and packed away all our DVDs from sight making the room look a lot less cluttered. Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to do a room tour! 😀

Now for the links!

I love these little box shelves.

This is really quirky. Great for book fiends like me!

Meredith made the cutest change to an old jumper.

We are off to a 60’s themed murder mystery party next weekend –  I think I can see my muse….

For my future log cabin….

I sort of want this dress.

Have a good week everyone!


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